Lion King Jungle Cake

Lions at sunset

The idea for this cake was to have animals silhouetted against an African sunset for the bottom tier of the cake, then have the two lions on the grassy savannah at the top surrounded by jungle-like foliage.

The birthday was for twins – a boy and a girl, so there was one lion for each on top of the cake.

Sparkles and glitter finished it off perfectly.

Side view
And from the back…

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Pirate Desert Island Cake…

Marooned on a desert island

Two pirates gathering treasure on a desert island surrounded by shark infested waters!  Great for a boy and girl sharing a birthday party.

This was a chocolate cake covered in buttercream icing with the decorations all hand moulded from sugarpaste icing.

To order one similar, get in touch –


Star Wars Themed Party – R2D2 Cake & Star Wars Party Bags…


Made with edible metallic colours so that the entire structure can be eaten.  Inside is a delicious gooey chocolate cake.

Great Star Wars party bags filled with a Star Wars figure and pod, a pack of Star Wars trading cards, a pack of Fun Snaps and a bag of Haribos.

All available from Etoile Parties.