Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Birthday Cake.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on the thotful spot

I think this is my favourite cake so far – it just made me smile as I was making it… a spot of nostalgia perhaps?  Winnie the Pooh has that effect, happy memories!

The tree is gooey chocolate cake, covered in chocolate icing.  The grass is textured green icing and the figures are all hand made from sugarpaste and as always are 100% edible.

To order a cake from Etoile please contact Holly at

A bluebird’s nest.

Dreaming of honey…

Star Wars Space Ship Cake… May The Force Be With You


I know, I know… Princess Leah has brown hair not blond, but the little girl whose party this is for has blond hair and wanted Princess Leah to look like her.  Who am I to say different?!

This is the lego version of The Millenium Falcon in cake form.  Everything is edible.

Be warned if making this at home that it takes time to make lots of lego blobs.  If you have neither the time nor inclination, get in touch with me and order one from Etoile!

Star Burst Cake

Star Spangled Birthday Cake

The brief for this little girl’s cake was to have something chocolatey, sparkley and a little bit blue.  The result was a double tiered chocolate extravaganza covered with sophisticated ivory icing and decorated with plenty of sparkly blue stars and a whole load of glitter.

The stars exploding out of the cake were added for that extra drama.

Sparkly Woodland Fairy Cake

A truly girlie birthday cake.  The party theme was fairies, so a wonderfully pretty and busy fairy-inspired cake was required.  Double tiered, with a pearl sheen and plenty of woodland decorations, all made from icing of course!

As always chocolate was the requested flavour,  sandwiched together with gooey buttercream icing and finished in the palest of pink sugarpaste icing.

Happy birthday Cassia and Isla!!!

Octonauts Submarine Birthday Cake

Scrummy Chocolate Cake shaped to be an Octonauts Submarine.

This is the Submarine from Octonauts with characters from the programme: Barnacles Bear, Kwazii Cat, Peso Penguin all made from icing.

Happy Birthday Sebbie!!!

View of the cake from the front…


And from the side…

Ballet Shoes Cake

Moist chocolate cake covered with sugarpaste icing, twinkly stars and topped with shimmering ballet shoes

When Carlotta saw this one finishes she immediately put in an order for one for her birthday, even though that isn’t til March!

The stars are all covered in edible glitter and add a little magic to a classic ballet cake.  The shoes are made out of icing so the whole thing is edible except the real ribbons I used to make it a little more life-like.

The cake from the other side